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Hola! Welcome to Wonder Tales

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A happy beginning

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Every child’s journey is inherently different

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Meet our fantastic team!

Hola! Welcome to Wonder Tales
Combining the thrill of discovering and purposeful play
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Superior child care in calgary - Where learning is serious fun

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a happy, safe and inclusive environment in child care centres which children aged 12 months to 12 years old are encouraged to explore their potential, developing at a relaxed pace that is both rewarding and fun.

  • A loving haven for the first steps of a child’s journey where every day is packed with imaginative and purposeful play.
  • Providing varying activities and routines for child’s development: Cognitive, Social, Physical, Intellectual and Emotional.
  • Every child’s individual personality is nurtured as we respond to their enthusiasm and interests by tailoring our approach to suit their needs.

Our mission

Wonder Tales child care in calgary is a non-profit organization where our primary goal is to provide dedicated childcare that inspires excellence with a purpose. Our work is carried out by a board of community volunteers, committed to make sure your child receives the tools to succeed in a nurturing environment. We pride ourselves on being a diverse environment and providing children the opportunity to learn about multiple cultures. We also strive to be inclusive in accommodating all kids, including those with special needs, to participate in the activities that we hold.

Happy Kids, Happy Parents!

About Wondertales

Our story

We believe that children develop best when they are happy in their own skin. Helping children be happy and complacent is our most important task at Wonder Tales. We do this by creating a warm and loving atmosphere, with plenty of personal attention. By always using the child’s abilities as a starting point, no matter how young they are. We offer your child the space to find their way and learn independently on their own journey of discovery.

Our Daycare

Unleashing your child’s individual potential so he can thrive! By supporting a child’s natural curiosity and inspiring creative thinking we have created a holistic education experience that enhances their intellectual skills and self-confidence.

Our Activities

    We also utilize an emergent and evolving curriculum that combines project-based learning, social-emotional development and diverse enrichments for a comprehensive experience. We indulge kids a diverse array of activities ranging from sensory play, meaningful arts and crafts, introduction to letters and writing, social activities like group playing and sharing, kid-friendly physical exercise etc.


Will we see you soon?

Thanks for finding us! You are warmly invited to come and experience the environment we create at our location.

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Call us (587) 585 0707

We are located at 9 Royal Vista Dr NW #180, Calgary, AB T3R 0N2, Canada.